Duomo Gelato


Maestrio Gelataios: From Left, Roberto Mori & Licio Zanzi

Our Gelato is Family Business

Master Gelataios, all the way from Italy!

What do you get when you combine purely fresh ingredients, a secret Italian recipe, artisan crafted quality, and the perfect cold temperature? The finest gelato to delight your customers.

Your patrons will fall in love with the unforgettable flavor and rich texture of Duomo Gelato’s artisan gelato. It is our passion to bring the highest quality gelato and sorbet to select hotels, gourmet markets and restaurants, so that you can serve this celebrated Italian dessert.


The Rich Taste of Italy: Fresh, Artisan Gelato for Your Business

Every spoonful of our delicious wholesale gelato and sorbet is made from scratch daily with premium-quality ingredients. Our team of artisans respect the centuries-old Italian gelato making tradition to craft superior desserts that delight the palate — and keep your customers coming back for more.

Whether you’re a Chef, Hotel Manager, Restauranteur or Business Owner, Duomo Gelato is the perfect addition to your menu. Our smooth and creamy gelato is visually enticing in retail and restaurant displays, but it’s the fresh flavors and top-quality ingredients that make every spoonful memorable. Your patrons will be transported to Italy with one taste of Duomo Gelato’s rich, artisan gelato.