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Easy Serve Gelato:

Display Pans

Serve up the freshest, finest gelato with our wholesale gelato & sorbet decorated 5L pan, ideal for gelato displays; our 5L decorated pan is available in orders of one each. Choose from over 100 Flavors; our display pans are available in Gelato and Sorbet. Perfect for any display case where you want customers to get a visual taste of Gelato alongside a cone or cup.

Easy Serve Gelato:

Flat Pans

Choose the ready-to-serve 5L flat wholesale gelato & sorbet pan for making the most delicious desserts at your restaurant, pizzeria or coffee shop. Our  5L flat available in orders of two each. Available in Gelato and Sorbet.  Ideal for restaurants that are looking to serve high quality desserts

Perfect Pints

Our 1 pint containers are perfect for supermarkets and boutique markets. Now you can offer a variety of heavenly flavors that will delight your customers. Pints available in cases of 8 containers per flavor.

Available Flavors: Vanilla bean gelato, Chocolate gelato, Salted caramel gelato, Strawberry gelato, Hazelnut gelato, Pistacchio gelato, Lemon sorbetto.

Individual Portions

Perfect for pizzerias, hotels and any and all locations that want to offer the most decadent gelato everyone raves about!

Dish out the delectable flavor with these individual servings for clientele. Individual portions of 4oz available in cases of 16 units.

Available flavors: Vanilla bean gelato, Chocolate gelato, Salted caramel gelato, Lemon sorbetto.

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